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Your Elopement Photography Guide

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– Nelson Laporte

You don’t need to worry about being an elopement planner, that’s why your going to hire me. I am your wedding elopement expert!

Eloping couple photographed by Laporte Photography
Eloping Couple in a Field

Elopement Package

I believe that every couple deserves to celebrate their wedding day in a true-to-you kind of way. That means that regardless of whether you’re looking for a full day of fun, timeless photos or just a few hours of coverage to fit your elopement vision, I’ve got you covered!  

You don’t need to worry about being an elopement expert, I will help you scout locations, connect you with an amazing team of Savannah vendors, and capture all of the awesome and amazing moments of the day! 

A $ 250 deposit is required to hold your date. 

The first look

I absolutely love the modern twist even if you are eloping that gives you and your significant other an element of surprise. The first look is one of my favorites because it allows extra time to shoot a couple of portraits while you are fresh and looking your best. You can also take this time as an opportunity to say a few quiet vows to each other, if you prefer to do so in a more intimate way.  Either way, I can talk you through recommendations for a memorable first look moment.

Bridal Bouquets Location

Many of my eloping love couples still have small florials and/or a bridal bouquet.  It is one of the most utilized details you will have on your wedding day. Ideally, you will want your bouquets at the place where you will be getting ready. And when you are ready for pictures, we will be doing a lot of shooting involving the bouquet. This includes bridal portraits, first look with dad and/or your partner, and the entire party. It’s a must-have.

Wedding details

This tip will help not only me but also you since I won’t have to ask you where things are. Having all your essentials in one place makes it easy for me to swoop in the room, access the items, and get to shooting! Keep your dress on the hanger so I can find it easily and photograph it. Place your engagement/wedding rings and any photoshoot details (flowers, heirlooms, accessories, etc.) together (usually in your shoebox). Anything you wish to have photographed in the room should be all in one place and simple to find. Once I am finished, I can easily return the items back to the places they belong to! Easy right?

Wedding day details photographed

Photographing the ring

The ring shot is my absolute favorite. Most important thing is getting the ring clean. You can literally do this at home. Soak your ring in warm water and use dishwashing soap for 20 minutes. Gently brush the ring with a soft toothbrush, rinse and repeat if needed. 

Photo by Nelson Laporte

Be Yourself + have Fun

My ultimate goal is to deliver amazing and breathless photos that make you relive in the moment of your special day. Just as important as your experience is having your photos taken, we are all about making sure our shoots are relaxed, fun, and our couples are having a blast!

Eloping Wedding Couple on Tybee Beach


It’s understood that a massive amount of planning has gone into this day, and it is one of the most important moments of your life. That being said, please enjoy it and embrace the unexpected! The day will go by in a whirlwind and, even though I will capture all the monumental moments, my biggest wish for you is that you live each of these moments as fully as possible. Your enjoyment will make for the best photos and memories to keep forever!

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I am all about creating a memorable experience from the very first to final moments of your wedding day. I want to get to know my couples on a REAL level so that I can tell their story by capturing the epic moments of the day from behind the lens. It’s about remembering all the big AND small moments. From getting ready and the anticipation of the day, the first look while walking down the aisle, and all the laughter and joyful tears. Let’s also not forget about the epic dance moves!

“You are creating personal memories. I am documenting them for you!”