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When it comes to your wedding day, here’s one big tip that I have for you: trust your wedding photographer.

Wedding Dress on Mantle
Photo of Bride and Groom in the courtyard

Planning your wedding photography

Getting married is a big deal and selecting the right person to capture your memories is equally important.

Take some time and review our wedding guide to help you navigate the wedding planning. Learn more about bridal portraits, wedding photo details, and our personal recommendations for wedding vendors. 

Bridal Sessions

Being a bride has to be one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life. Dress fittings, bridal showers, and of course your engagement photos are some of the most photo-worthy bridal moments that naturally happen during your planning process. Every bride dream of having glamorous & timeless photographs to look back on and cherish for the years to come after all the major events have taken place.

Engagement sessions

Engagement sessions add so much to the story of who you are as a couple and they’re an ideal way to become more comfortable in front of my lens before your wedding day.

Your engagement session can be as simple as a stroll in the park or beach, an intimate session at your favorite café, or even a romantic return to where he proposed. Literally anything you can imagine sharing a personal intimate love story. Formal or informal, images from your engagement session are beautiful additions to your wedding album and can make a wonderful signing book. They help to navigate the whole story and can even be used for Save-the-Date cards, invitations or Thank You cards.

Bride and Groom Savannah Photo by Nelson Laporte

Wedding details

Photo of Wedding Details taken by Laporte

 This tip will help not only me but also you since I won’t have to ask you where things are. Having all your essentials in one place makes it easy for me to swoop in the room, access the items, and get to shooting! Keep your dress on the hanger so I can find it easily and photograph it. Place your engagement/wedding rings and any photoshoot details (flowers, heirlooms, accessories, etc.) together (usually in your shoebox). Anything you wish to have photographed in the room should be all in one place and simple to find. Once I am finished, I can easily return the items back to the places they belong to! Easy right?

Bridal Bouquets Location

You have spent a lot of money on your bouquet. It is one of the most utilized details you will have on your wedding day. Ideally, you will want your bouquets at the place where you will be getting ready. After you and your bridesmaids are ready for pictures, we will be doing a lot of shooting involving the bouquet. This includes bridal portraits, first look with dad and/or your partner, and the entire bridal party. It’s a must-have.


It’s understood that a massive amount of planning has gone into this day, and it is one of the most important moments of your life. That being said, please enjoy it and embrace the unexpected! The day will go by in a whirlwind and, even though I will capture all the monumental moments, my biggest wish for you is that you live each of these moments as fully as possible. Your enjoyment will make for the best photos and memories to keep forever!

Embracing the Unexpected, Bride with Umbrella

Wedding Day Room Prep

Food trays. Red Solo cups. Dress steamers. It’s all there. A wedding day is a rush of raw emotions. The wake of that excitement can be detrimental to your photos. One of the hardest things about a wedding day is physically maneuvering around a bridal room. And we usually take a few minutes moving these items out of the way. But let’s talk about the photos that happen in this room. Messy rooms can make photos feel…distracting. A clean space goes a long way in minimizing the mess, while keeping the attention on the emotion, the moments, and the people in the photos.

What’s the solution? Ask your family, friends, and bridal party to be conscious of their stuff. No biggie! It’s such a big help to keep your “getting ready” room in some sort of decent shape for the photos. Think of it as a friend coming over for a quick stop-by, and you shove everything into one room. I mean, we all do it. Do your best to keep your bridal suite as clean and tidy as possible. I’ll be snapping a few pictures in here as you finish your hair and makeup.

It is also important to keep a clean space in the room where you will be putting on your dress. We will be moving around in this room as well, and we want ALL the angles of you getting into your dress. You have spent a lot of time planning for this moment, and I want to make sure it’s memorable for you!

Remember, the most important part of your wedding day is that THIS IS YOUR DAY! It’s yours. All yours. Your family and friends are all here celebrating you, your fiancé, and the love you. Your mission is to enjoy every moment of it, because you can’t get this day back. If you enjoy having a drink, go ahead and have a mimosa or two and BREATHE! 


Be Yourself + have Fun

Smash cake in your partner’s face! Whisper all the dirty secrets. Get down on the dance floor like no one’s watching! Light sparklers then kiss. Pop bottles, take shots (after all the formal photos have been taken, of course). Enjoy the night and have the most legendary celebration ever!

couple share a final kiss before exiting the wedding
Bride Boutique

Wedding Vendors

There’s a reason you should invest some time into finding experienced vendors that will make your day as beautiful, memorable, and stress-free as possible. And that reason is that they are professionals and have seen it all! Here are a few of my favorite vendors I have personally worked with and some that I know.

Venues and Planners

Harper Fowlkes House This is an absolutely stunning venue located in downtown Savannah on Barnard Street. Finding the perfect location is vital for your wedding day. Betty Youles is the event contact here. Tell her Nelson Laporte referred you.

Lilies and Lace. Rebecca Brown is founder of Lilies and Lace located in Atlanta, Georgia. When it comes to details and making your big day shine, Rebecca comes highly recommended. Let her know Nelson Laporte referred Lilies and Lace.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup by Gisaura Gisaura Laporte comes highly recommended by all of her clients. Gisaura works with brides and wedding parties to provide beautiful hair styles and makeup services, designed to highlight your best features. 

Florist and Attire

Harvey Designs Using the right combination of flowers and greenery, Amy Harvey can take a plain space and make it look magical. Tell her Nelson Laporte is recommending her florist touches to complete your wedding day look. 

White Magnolia Bridal It is all about the bridal gown, the wedding parties attire and style that makes photos pop. Rachel can help with all of your wedding attire needs to make look and feel like the bell-of-the-ball on your wedding day. Let Rachel know Nelson Laporte recommended her well trained wedding eye.

Invitation and Custom Wedding Favors

Southern Marketing Team Having the perfect wedding details really brings your whole vision together. Offering custom logos and stationary, contact Liz Saxton for your personalized wedding details and party favors. Tell her Nelson Laporte sent you and get 10% off. 

Rentals and Car Services

Callan’s Classics Leave your wedding in style in any of the classic cars provided by Callan’s. This a first class car service from pick-up to delivery. You will make a beautiful arrival and exit from your event. Contact Sherri Anderson and tell her Nelson Laporte recommended them. 

Eventworks if you need anything from tables to napkins, to bars and chandeliers, you can rent it from Lacy McLaurin at Eventworks. With multiple locations and large warehouse stocks, they can provide most styles of furniture and décor for your wedding.

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I am all about creating a memorable experience from the very first to final moments of your wedding day. I want to get to know my couples on a REAL level so that I can tell their story by capturing the epic moments of the day from behind the lens. It’s about remembering all the big AND small moments. From getting ready and the anticipation of the day, the first look while walking down the aisle, and all the laughter and joyful tears. Let’s also not forget about the epic dance moves!

“You are creating personal memories. I am documenting them for you!”